Services that bring you one step ahead

Our services portfolio is build around Cloud Computing and Microsoft Office and is designed to work for all types of companies.
It doesn't matter what service you choose, we always get our work done in 3 simple steps.


We listen to the things you tell us in your business language and make sure that we understand all the things in detail.


We transform your business needs into measurable work items and make sure that they are aligned to your goals.


We perform the required steps to get the things done and/or your application, hardware, etc. running.

Core Areas

See which service offers support your needs best.

Services At a Glance

  • Web and Mobile

    Get an application that is tailored to your needs and that works almost everywhere. See how we build valuable individual applications.

  • Microsoft Office

    With the products of the Microsoft Office suite you can accomplish a lot of things out of the box. With our Add-Ins and Apps you can do even more.

  • Managed Apps & Infrastructure

    IT requires maintenance, and maintenance needs knowledge and costs time. Let's talk about IT that is simply running.

  • Training & Consulting

    We love to be on the edge of Azure and Office stuff and share our knowledge. We take your skills one step further.

Cloud ABC

Our FAQ on Cloud Computing contains an introduction to the subject and you will find the explanations for several terms beside answers to questions related to security and types of use.

Cloud ABC